Interview – Ian Woodhead

At the Official Launch Party for Jode Unforgiven, I was able to interview several authors in rapid-fire succession. It was fast, stressful, and fun. The downside of interviewing someone on Facebook is the lag effect. Conversations don’t flow as comfortably as they would in face-to-face communications.

So, to remedy that, I’ve copied and pasted the interview here and where applicable, I’ve changed the order of some things so they flow better. No words have been changed or edited, though.

 Ian Woodhead

Welcome folks. First up on the docket tonight is Ian Woodhead. He’s got a new book called Spores. If you look him up online this is the bio you’ll see:

Born in the 60′s, he managed to survive the decades that followed with minimum trauma. He lives in the north of England, the County of West Yorkshire, and is married with four children, four stepchildren and numerous pets.

It says nothing of his rapier wit.

– Ian, tell us a little about yourself.

Good evening, my fine friends! Well, as you can see from Scotty’s intro, I am rather old. Not that I really give a shit about my age. I do write, a lot.
– Hey, you aren’t typing in all caps, so you’re already ahead of the game here.
– did that sound like I sorta write like, you know, whenever i have nothing else to do? Like, there’s nothing on TV or facebook is broken? It is really all I think about. whether I’m deep in a new story or wondering what happened to the characters in books long sinced finished. Or, I’m thinking about the wonderful folk whom I talk to who, like me, are equally mentally disturbed (other writers, you know who you are) or all those wonderful people who read my stories. I lead a pretty sad life.
If you’re a writer, you’re mentally disturbed. It goes with the territory.
what else do you want to know?
So, I’ve heard you are also called the ((hugs)) guy…what is that all about?

*Taps foot.

Sorry..facebook lag.

Prods audience with a stick.

OUCH!!!! sorry but Ian Woodhead poked me…

I’m going to post a picture of the ad we ran for Spores, and I want you to talk about it a little bit. Where did you get the inspiration for it? Is it typical horror/zombie? What about the story creeps you out the most? stuff like that.

-What’s with the hugging? Er, Well, that’s just me. Although I write some very disturbing stuff, I’m actually not that bad. I do enjoy making people laugh and I’ll do my best to help anyone, sometimes, folk just need a hug. Wait, I’m called the ((hugs)) guy, seriously?

– Okay, it won’t let me post the image of the book cover…arg. So, just talk about Spores!

Spores is set right now. The human race is suffering from an epidemic. Every person on the planet, aged 40 or over are dying.

– Damn…I’m dead. A blurb I read that made me go “What?” was about the bodies being all dried up and then exploding into dust at the slightest touch. I’ve hit mushrooms with my lawnmower like that. What was the inspiration for that?

Some sort of fungal plague is draining out every drop of moisture from their bodies. Until, after a few days, the only thing left is a giant bag of dust-like spores. The mummified corpse just detonates, sending all this material into the atmosphere. Imagine billions of these bodies exploding. Our story is set a few week after this catastrophe. The globe is covered in this smog-like mist, the young are trying to get to grips with what has happened and they believe that the worst is over and it’s now time to rebuild. Only, that’s not going to happen, it seems that this spore material is ‘changing’ both animals and people. The nightmares living in these spore clouds are hungry

.Ian Woodhead's photo.

– That was such an awesome visual. Other than it had the whole “Logan’s Run” thing going on…why? Why is it always the ‘old people’?  Now that my book is out, it’s affording me a little reading time, this is definitely on my list. Thanks for stopping by. I’m going to post some links to get ahold of Ian’s work etc.

-Why is it old people? Well, I could tell you but that would spoil the story.

– You can find Ian on Facebook:

He and ALL THE BOOKS are also on Amazon. Seriously, this guy’s prolific!


– Sorry for the facebook lag, but I’m so so glad you came by. Thanks Ian!