Interview – Mark Woods

The next interview I did for the Official Launch Party was Mark Woods. He’s a book reviewer who is taking the dive headfirst into writing. This is his first interview as an author!

As before, the lag on facebook leaves an interview a little discordant at times. So, I have moved comments around to better fit into a flowing conversation. No words are edited or changed. (Yes…even the typos are left in.)

Mark Woods

Next up we have Mark Woods. He’s also from the UK. He reviews books. He’s flexing some of his writer muscles. He got half way through my book and wrote a paragraph about it that made me want to try that much harder on the sequel.

Mark Sparkymarky Woods! Tell us a little about yourself!

– well i’m a reviewer who has just stated writing seriously following encouragement from my good friend horror writer catt dahman. she went on goodreads asking for reviews of her z for zombie series, loved my reviews and told me I should try writing. when i told her i had always had aspirations of being a writer, she encouraged me to write something and continues now to inspire and encourage me. so far i have two short stories published- a zombie short in the tall book of zombie shorts and a sci-fi story that i created and wrote from scratch in 24 hours for a collection by TL Decay
– That’s a pretty impressive achievement for such a short time writing!
– I am currently working on 2 novels – one which mashes a zombie story with a world where fairy tales exist and one where a group of teens awaken the dead by mistake then have to try and put them back in the grave before thier mums find out they’re responsible. the latter is intended to be a kinda cross between the goonies and evil dead with a bit of stand by me thrown in. for my day job- i work as a chef

i also like to talk..a lot as you might have noticed lol
-So, that’s where the Zombie Snow White avatar came from! I’ve noticed there’s a lot more ‘mash-ups’ happening these days. Any thought as to why that is?
– well i think everyone is trying to do something different with the genre and keep it fresh. fairy tales are very in right now what with tv shows like grimm and once upon a time and films like snow white and the huntsman. i got the idea of my mash-up from a visit this year to euro disney where i find myself thinking what if the disney characters turned into zombies. obviously i cant write that because i would get sued big style but fairy tales are fair game!
– Is it a case of adding something dark to fairy tales, or more along the lines of shining a spotlight on the darkness that already existed, but Disney took out? I mean, the Grimm fairy tales were ‘grim’ for a reason!
– that said there are some great zombie stories out there that follow traditional routes such as Ian McKinnons two zombie novels
– the snow white pic was stolen from necro sfx btw- saw it n loved it.
– the hardest thing for me is finding time to write when i have so many ideas to get out of my head!
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The Scotty Schrier (Author) Yes, I have a notebook full of ideas. Some will never see more than that notebook. But some…
– i think it is partly who you know but for me opportunity just struck at the right time. because of my reviews i caught catts attention- so much so that i now work with her as an editor for J.E.A Press as well. i am a big believer in things happen for a reason. I always wanted to be a writer but until now never pursued my dream. my friendship with catt has opened so mny opportunities and i am a big fan of her work
The Scotty Schrier (Author) Okay, I’m going to open the floor for more questions from the crowd. But first, some links!

Mark Woods’ author page!

– Thank you Mark Sparkymarky Woods for being here tonight. And please, ask this dude some questions! (QUESTIONS ARE CLOSED. THIS WAS FROM THE EVENT.)
– i think i am so passionate about reading that i just love to share. my reviews come from my heart and i try not to write bad reviews unless i think the author has been lazy and just shoveled a load of shite out to make a quick buck. i appreciate that a good book takes a lot of time and effort so even if i dont like something i try to be professional and say WHY i dont like it
-That last part struck a chord with me. If you don’t like it, it’s fine…as long as you can tell someone “WHY” you don’t like it. That’s where growth happens for a writer!
– catt rewrote two of her books in part of comments i made – she also swears that i helped make her a better writer and helped her get her contract witrh severed press. I think she gives me too much praise but if any of this is true, by inspiring me she has paid me back in spades!
– to go back to your earlier question- i also think u have to work at being a writer. I should have at least 4 short stories published by the end of the year – one i the next zombiefest anthlogy when it happens with all proceeds going to charity and one in an anthology catt is producing
– Just began reading Action/adventure category at wife’s encouragement. Not sure if zombies will ever make my #1 reading list. But having read The Hammer & the Sword, I might just read anything if it well written.
– btw to anyone who is waiting patiently for me to review their books, such as some of the writers who were at zombiefest, i will get there as soon as i get time to breathe! my life as vyou can tell is quite busy right now!
– Thanks for being here tonight. I can’t wait to read your stuff!
– i read a lot but lately don’t get to seem to have as much time as in used to with my own writing taking off. but as stephen king says- to be a good writer, first you must read lots of books
– On Writing…best book about writing EVER.
– Do you have a writing routine or schedule?
– i try to write as much as i can but no, as yet i have no schedule or routine. that said, i need to develop one as that is my biggest weakness- not being strict enough with myself. Mind, after coming up with a whole plot, story and concept in 24 hours recently this has encouraged me to pull my fnger out more!
– links to where my short stories can be found are on my Author page!#
– i actually havent read on writing yet but having seen some quotes lately- must go out n get it! King, Laymon and Dahman are my three biggest inspirations!
– On Writing is a must for in writers, in my opinion
– thanx everyone for having me