Interview – Susan Simone

During the Official Launch Party for Jode Unforgiven, I had the pleasure of interviewing several other authors over the course of the evening. Since some people might have missed the party, I’m bringing the interviews over here.
As before, the lag on facebook leaves an interview a little discordant at times. So, I have moved comments around to better fit into a flowing conversation. No words are edited or changed. (Yes…even the typos are left in.)

Susan Simone

Alright. We are bringing up Susan Simone! She’s the creative mind behind the Susan Simone’s Adventures in Randomness and her latest novel to be released by JEA is “Silent Heart”.

Her bio:
Susan is a writer and artist by day, a child and pet wrangler by night, and occasional crazy person on the weekends. She lives in a place where new hybrid cars, beat up farm trucks, and Amish horse and buggies meet in fast food parking lots for coffee.
Susan grew up in central Wisconsin, only to move to rural Ohio in adulthood. She’s a country girl through and through with progressive and optimistic ideas of nation and society. A shamanic pagan by faith and major sci-fi fan she is an eclectic person and welcomes as much diversity into her life as she can to feed her fertile imagination. She lives by the motto, “Let your freak flag fly!”
And heeeeeeere’s SUSAN!

– I like anyone who lets their freak flag fly. Tell us a little about yourself, Susan.
– Hi scotty. congrats on the book and thanks for inviting me
– well my bio says it all. I’m an odd ecclectic person with a varied background
– So, tell us about Silent Heart.
– silent heart is actually a romance, not a thriller lol. A deaf woman ends up being the only witness to a murder. She has no idea what is going on or what she saw, but is a talented artist and manages to convey what she had seen. Throughout this she loses everything, her home, her twin brother, even her dignity on the road to report what happened. She is guarded only by Stone, a knight traveling incognito. of course love slowly blossoms
Here’s a short blurb about the book:
Paige was alone when she saw them…

Deaf from birth and separated from her twin brother, she lived alone
in her silent world. When she witnessed a murder it thrust her
headlong into a whirlwind she never dreamed; running for her life
from dangerous men out for her death, and only a handsome
stranger to help her and show her just how strong she could be
along the way.
– But when I read about her seeing a murder and then people trying to kill her…that says thriller. I’ll admit to not having had a chance to read the book yet…so forgive my ignorance.
– On the side the book is about bravery, about her overcoming all these things and truly recapture the things she lost. it falls under romance because her relationship with stone is central to the story
– If I’m right, this is actually a re-release? So, it’s been totally reworked from the bottom up and given new life. What led you to do that?
– This is a reworking. I had self published before. Originally I didn’t have the guts to show anyone. and a very dear friend of mine, hooked me up with the CEO of JEA and the rest is history
– So, what lead you towards the “Romance” genre? Some people write horror, sci-fi, YA…etc. What drew you towards the romance genre? Is there anything you love or hate about your genre?
– I hate the box people put romance in. We’re human. Relationships are a part of life. Romance isn’t just mushy. Silent Heart has a ton of action in it and some very dire circumstances. I actually didn’t set out to write a romance. I had this scene in my head and I started thinking what kind of people end up this place?
– Genres can be a straighjacket. They give an impression of what’s going to happen whether or not that’s what’s in the book! I remember stumbling across Diana Gabledon’s “The Outlander” and loved it. Then I went to a bookstore to find more of her work only to find it was listed under historical romance. And the lady who looked it up for me was confused that a dude would like historical romance. And had I known its genre ahead of time, I might not have ever picked it up.
– I agree I agree and Diana Gabledon is amazing!
– So, what drew you into writing in the first place?
– I have a very vivid imagination. I started getting the voices in my head confused. it was either write or go crazy. lol
– See! I tell people about the voices in my head and they look at me like I’m nuts. (Maybe I am…I haven’t been tested yet.) But I swear, when a character talks, I can hear a very distinct voice. Now, when you write, do you make up the story, or do you feel like you are narrating the story that is going on in your head?
– a little of both. My best writing, the characters tell me what they want, and then I take some artistic licence with the gaps. I really feel like these characters have a life, we are meerly putting those lives to paper.
– That’s awesome. Thank you for coming by tonight! I’ll post a couple of links for Susan, and I encourage the audience to hop in and ask some questions too.
– Thanks for having me!
– Here’s her facebook page:

And her website: