Interview – TL Decay

During the Official Launch Party for Jode Unforgiven, I had the pleasure of interviewing several other authors over the course of the evening. Since some people might have missed the party, I’m bringing the interviews over here.
As before, the lag on facebook leaves an interview a little discordant at times. So, I have moved comments around to better fit into a flowing conversation. No words are edited or changed. (Yes…even the typos are left in.)

TL Decay

Next up we have TL Decay. Here’s a dude who wears a ton of hats. So many that we tend to forget about the man under them. First off, let me just say “Thank you, sir, for your service to our country.” That’s all I’m going to say, as this is a pseudonym. But know this…this dude is busy. Knowing him like I do, I find the oddest part about him is that he’s a poet!

Here’s his bio:

T L Decay began writing while deployed to Afghanistan. He enjoys using poetry and stories to entertain readers. He is married with two children and two furry children.

His writing can be found in So Long and Thanks for All the Brains,Putrid Poetry and Sicking Sketches, as well as his own books.

Hey, TL! Come on out and tell the audience just a little bit about yourself!

– I’m 5’10” and enjoy long walks on the,,,,,
– Okay! And we’re done folks!
– In seriousness I enjoy writing in many genres. I started off writing in Sci-Fi, then I turned to ZPOC horror, poetry kinda snuck up on my as a way to be able to tell a story with flow.

– Seriously though, poetry. That’s a special kind of writing. There’s a succinctness with poetry that is hard to master but easy to confuse with lazy writing. What drew you to that genre? (For those following along at home ZPOC is short for Zombie Apocalypse.)

– Poetry has a flow with it, you can cause the reader to feel the story with beats and measures much like music. You can tell a story with descriptiveness that allows the reader to use their imagination. You can also cause dissonance by intentionally interrupting the flow. These factors make it a very versitile medium for story telling.
– That made me think of e e cummings…
– I don’t think I am anywhere near as prolific. LOL
– He was like the Picasso of poetry. They looked so deceptively simple. And yet, try to recreate one. Nope.
– But anyway, you have a new Sci-Fi Anthology. What’s it called? What’s it about?
– Yes, that one litterally snuck up on me. Ishared my writing with some of the staff in J Ellington Ashton. catt dahman got a bit sneaky and picked out some of my Sci Fi writing. The she made a latteral pass to Susan Simone to get some editing and revisions worked out. Jeremy Dick Wrote a section of poetry as well as Susan, then Mark Sparkymarky Woods and catt dahman wrote short stories for it. Then the group presented it to me as a finished book. I was stunned to see what they had done. I am very proud of it. The work has mutations as a result of horrible weapons, it has traditional Neil Armstrong type exploration, and dying worlds and rescues.
– You have mentioned a lot of people over at JEA. Can you tell us a little about this new up-and-coming publishing house?
Catt Dahman and I met briefly when while handing out at Library of the Living Dead (Twisted Library), then we met up again during a free book event put on by Gary Munford. I frequent a radio show that was part of that event called Zombiepalloza. We both had the idea of putting together a press but found out through the show about each other’s ambitions. From there we started chatting up the idea and recruited all those talented people I mentioned before.
– A little bird told me that you are retiring in a year. Is writing full-time a goal of yours? If so, what are some of the areas you’d like to explore with your writing?
– I will be retring next year and while writing is very fun for me my wife would go bonkers if I did it full time. I think the lady of the house will make me go find a job. That being said I would love to venture into conventional horror. Edward Cardillo has a book coming out that I have the privledge of editing right now. His stories are told like a true story teller. It is inspiring to edit a book that makes you feel like you are sitting around a campfire hearing stories.
– Well, thank you for wearing the hats you wear. And thank you for all you do. I’ll be posting some links to TL’s stuff.

AND he has a blog!