Interview – Randy Spears

During the Official Launch Party for Jode Unforgiven, I had the pleasure of interviewing several other authors over the course of the evening. Since some people might have missed the party, I’m bringing the interviews over here.
As before, the lag on facebook leaves an interview a little discordant at times. So, I have moved comments around to better fit into a flowing conversation. No words are edited or changed. (Yes…even the typos are left in.)

Randy Spears

His new soon-to-debut novel is Sanctuary From the Dead. His bio reads:
“I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was eight years old. It’s just taken me over three decades to get there. Like a lot of writers, I let life get in my way — a college degree in cinema production, a job, a marriage, two kids, three more jobs and moving around. (And yeah, I’m ashamed to admit it, but fantasy baseball got in my way.) But still laying dormant back in there somewhere was this unmet need to be a writer.”
Randy write horror and detective fiction.

Let’s give a warm hand to RANNNNNNDYYYYY!!!!

– Randy, thanks for coming in. Tell us a little more about yourself.
– It’s great to be here. Congrats on the launch. Now for a Brief Bio: Born and raised in Southern, Ohio. (That in and of itself gives me a treasure trove of ideas for horror stories). The first thing I wanted to be as a kid was a palentologist. Then I wanted to be a writer. Then I wanted to the centerfielder for the Cincinnati Reds. I couldn’t hit the curve so that was out. I went to film school wanting to be a director and did work on some low budget horror movies, but there’s not a lot of money in that. I got a “real job” working in marketing/communication for 2 decades and started writing on the side about 15 years and even won a short story contest, but wasn’t serious enough about it. It was only in the past few years that I took a more professional approach about my writing. I wrote a private detective novel that is in perpetual re-writes and wrote a dozen or more short stories — some mystery/crime and horror. I had 8 stories published in 2012 with my first horror story (The Dark Child) being published for the Horror Zine and have had 4 stories published this year with two of my stories slated for release in anthologies later this year. I just recently signed up with JEA Press and it’s been a great experience. This a great place to collaborate and learn plus they have some fantastic writers. I feel blessed to be with them.  (ok – i’m a decent typiest, but not that good. i did get some time to prepare that response.)
– Wow. Well, that’s the interview. Thanks! I keed I KEEED!
– So, your newest book is Sanctuary from the Dead and your page says;
Mixing elements from Mad Max, Dawn of the Dead, and The Road, Sanctuary from the Dead tells the story of a group of survivors who desperately try to maintain their humanity as they try to survive in an undead world.

That. Sounds. Awesome. Where’d you get the idea?
– I found a short story contest that wanted longer stories and started writing from a brief outline and the spark of an idea. then it kept getting bigger and bigger. Then it became a novella and then onto a novel.
– Sanctuary from the Dead starts 6 months after a viral outbreak turns most of the world’s population into flesh eating zombies. It’s not a new idea, but one I hope I can bring a new angle to. The main character (Joel – a pseudo-slacker) finds himself sheltering in a church with believers and non-believers as they all try to find out how to maintain their humanity in an inhumane situation. I try to bring the human condition, some horror and a little bit of wit. It’s slated to come out either late this month or early next. By the way, i set the location in my home town. nothing like wiping out the place were you grew up.

– When it comes out, keep an eye out on my page, I WILL be talking about it. Okay, I know why I write the way I do…but what’s your motivation? Why zombies? They have been made and re-made, but what is it that brings us back to them?

– Why zombies? I’ve been in love with zombies since seeing George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead in 1978. At a tender young age I had never seen anything like it. It just blew me away. I think I saw it 5-6 more times in the next few months. I like the way that you can use them to reflect society. I like the romance of a world where the rules are out the door. As to why I write…because I have to.

– It’s funny, really. They tell you to write what you know, and most authors don’t know about zombies etc…so we set our stories in familiar areas. King invented a town, IN MAINE…where he grew up. My books tend to hover in areas I’ve lived. Is it because we can make it more real because we’ve been there? Or do we just like to see aspects of our lives burn?
– I do think it goes back to what you know. We can picture those places vividly and capture them more easily. Plus it is fun to lay waste to places like your hometown.
– Randy. It has been a pleasure. I’m going to post your links below. People! Give all of our interviewees some love. Thank you so much for coming on. And rest assured, when your book comes out, I will be talking about it.
– Randy’s Website:

And the page for his book:
– Thanks again!
– It was my pleasure. Thanks for having me. I don’t know what the writer’s equivalent is to “Break a leg,” but I hope you crack Amazon’s Top 5!
– That. Would. Rock. Seriously, if I cracked the top 5 I might poop then fall back in it!
– LOL!
– Now, go out there AND GET THOSE EDITS DONE! We need to see “Sanctuary From the Dead” soon! BTW – That cover? AWESOME!
– I did it myself. That was version 14.3 (I think did 20 different covers. I’m not a designer or an artist, but I’ve seen one on TV.) I hope ppl get that last reference. I am old.