Changing If to When

Changing If to When

The other day, I watched something I swore I would never watch. The Secret. Hey, don’t bust my chops…I was procrastinating. Oh wait…yeah, bust away.

Wait, on second thought, don’t. And here’s why. I had a dawning of realization while watching it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we aren’t talking about insanely good production here. If you’ve seen it, you understand where I’m coming from. The whispering? Eek. I mean, I know it’s ‘the secret’ and all, but that was just stupid.

Take out the pseudo-science and new age verbiage, take out the shady investment banker dude, you know what, take out about half of the people in the show, and you’ve got a sound principle. It’s one I’ve heard for years. In fact, in almost every sales training session I’ve gone through, I’ve heard some sort of iteration of this principle.

“What you can see and believe, you can achieve.”

I’ve heard this mantra repeated for ages. In fact, it’s been said ‘The Secret’ was just a repackaging of a 1900’s era book on positive thinking. So, really, the secret isn’t a secret at all. It’s a state of mind. It’s staying positive when all else around you is falling to shit. It’s staying focused on your goals. It’s about framing your world and then grabbing it by the throat like a ravenous pit bull. And like said dog…never letting go.

There are several stories in the show and subsequent book about people who set really crazy goals and then miraculously achieved them. Some will try to say ‘the universe wants you to be happy’. But I think that’s a load of crap. I don’t think the universe cares one tinker’s cuss about your happiness. Your friends and family do. The people around you on a regular basis do. And, if you’re charismatic enough, you can even have perfect strangers take an interest in your continued happiness and well-being, if you frame it right.

If you frame it wrong…you can make even your most ardent supporters hope you die in a fire.

If you put out the good vibes. If you absolutely stink of confidence, it’s hard for other people to bring you down. If you know something in the basest core of your being, no one will stop you. That’s how I became a published author. I decided something one day.

It’s ‘WHEN’ I become a published author, not ‘IF’.

When I started framing my writing with a ‘when’ and got rid of the ‘if’, doors opened for me. Sure, I had to actually write. I didn’t fire up Microsoft Word and go play while the universe hammered out a novel. I spent many many hours typing, untyping, retyping. Each keystroke was a blacksmith’s hammer, pounding away at hot steel trying to fashion the amazing from the ordinary.

Am I done? Oh, heavens no. I’m a published author, true. But now I’ve got my sights on something bigger. It’s the next hurdle. I am deciding today.

It’s ‘WHEN’ I get on the New York Times Bestseller List, not ‘IF’.

What goals are you too busy ‘if’-ing that you should be ‘when’-ing?