Zero Hour Approaches

So, after a year of writing, editing, rewriting, then editing again, designing, photographing, redesigning, uploading, designing again…(you get the point)

Jode Unforgiven is about to see the light of day!


And I couldn’t be more excited!

Also, join me on Facebook for the Official Launch Party July 1st to win some cool prizes!

Prizes include:

  • Jode keychains.
  • Autographed bookplates.
  • Autographed copies of Jode Unforgiven.

With two grand prizes:

  •  A dramatic reading of “Bad Juju” over Skype or phone, whichever you prefer. (Bad Juju is the prequel to Jode Unchained.)
  •  or/ you get to be a character in Jode Unchained! (Sequel to Jode Unforgiven.)

Also, the Jode series has its own website where I will be posting all things Jode as well. Check it out.