Farewell to Richard Matheson

I was a late-comer to Richard Matheson’s work. Sadly, I am one of ‘those’ people who chooses a book by its cover. And “I Am Legend” didn’t have a cover that moved me. It wasn’t until years later when they were making (another) movie about his book, that I decided to pick it up. I am so glad I did. You see, I’ve been a fan of the undead from way back. I was loving on the vampires and zombies well before it was the cool or trendy thing to do. Decades before they were relegated to teen romance.

On Typos

This isn’t a call for us to hark back to the olden days of hand-written correspondences. As cool as it would be to have calling cards and wax seals, it’s just neither practical or useful any more. But there is something to be said for the days when you had to hand write everything. It forced you to slow down and really chew over the words you wanted to use. You were also afforded the time to properly spell a word. If you weren’t sure of the spelling, you either stopped and looked it up, or you didn’t use it.

Making of a Book Cover Pt. 1

The idea for the book cover was to show that Jode (the main character) isn’t your ‘run of the mill’ cowboy. This book is as much a ‘Western’ as Indiana Jones was a WWII documentary. To replicate the angelic script that appears on Jode’s hand, I got a tattoo for the cover.


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